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The Faculty of Law, Economics and Tourism (FDET) of the University of Lleida (UdL) organizes several degrees, double degrees, masters and double masters, as well as a wide range of lifelong learning programs and other activities aimed at professionals and students, such as postgraduate programs and doctoral programs.

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- Our subjects in English

- Our studies: 

- Degrees: 

- Degree in Business Administration and Management

- Degree in Law

- Degree in Tourism

- Double Degrees: 

- Double Bachelor Degree in Business Administration and Management and Computer Engineering

- Double Bachelor Degree in Law and in Business Administration and Management

- Double Bachelor Degree in Administration and Direction of Companies and in Tourism

- Master:

- Master Degree in Criminal Justice System

- Master Degree in Accounting, Auditing and Management Control

- Master Degree in Law

- Master Degree in Administrative Management

- Master Degree in Studies of Gender and Management of Policies of Equality

- Master Degree in Social Media Marketing

- Double Master:

- Master Double Degree: Master Degree in Law and Criminal Justice System

- Master Double Degree: Master in Law and Master in Administrative Management